About Us

RAMM Custom Build Ltd. was founded by long time friends Justin Richards and Tom Magree.

Based in Nelson, British Columbia, we have worked on many local projects over the past 10 years. Together, we have 40 years experience in the business of construction. We have built a business on quality and customer satisfaction, taking clients initial ideas, through the design phase all the way to completion.

Since our founding we have worked on a variety of dynamic projects big and small, including residential construction, renovations, commercial builds, and industrial installations. We are an experienced and passionate building company driven by innovation, quality of product, and attention to detail. Through a seemless process, with honesty and integrity, our projects are delivered using the highest standards possible, on time and on budget.

Come meet the team and lets get started on transforming your dreams into reality!


Born and raised in New Zealand I’ve always had a love for adventure and the outdoors. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such an amazing place. I started working in construction straight out of high school for Ross Roofing in Auckland before moving to Australia at the age of 19 where I met my wife. My lust for adventure didn’t end there and I soon moved to Los Angeles to work for a family friend building steel storage units. After spending 2 years in LA, I had an interest in carpentry and headed east to Aspen, Colorado. I met Ben Allen of IA Sedgewick an established and respected Aspen contractor who took me under his wing. He taught me his ideals of carpentry, instilling his passion for quality and attention to detail which I still follow today. I quickly moved up the ranks in his company and after a few years, I was running my own crew , building high end homes. I learned the in’s and out’s of building, working on multi-million dollar projects, and also found time to snowboard and enjoy what Colorado had to offer. After 7 years in Aspen and a few travels later, I ended up in Nelson with my wife Crissie and now have two young daughters.

Tom Magree

From a young age I had a passionate interest in building and design and during my college years I was fortunate enough to work with both Canny Builders and Hardram Industries, two of the most versatile and successful construction companies in Melbourne.
Encouraged by these companies, I applied and was accepted at Holmsglen, after graduating college in 1989. Here I studied Applied Science and Construction Management graduating in both faculties in 1992.
After graduation I worked as a builder for both of the above companies before traveling to Europe for further experience. For the next 3 years I was involved in the construction industry, both commercial and domestic in Lucern, Switzerland.
Aspen, Colorado was my next destination. For the next 11 years I had the privilege to build some very unique luxury homes for many of the affluent clients in that city. In 2007 I moved to Nelson, B.C. with my wife Dana.